Apoptose Movie


An immersive story about life, death, and the relation of scale between chaos and perfection.

Apoptosis means the death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth or development.



The first manifestation of this work took the shape a fulldome 360° short movie, featuring an original soundtrack by Juan Pablo Espinoza & Hervé Moire, and awarded by Swissnex Boston and Geneva International Film Festival. Since then, we’ve been working to deploy this universe on other media, especially virtual reality.

The project is a collaboration between Sophie Le Meillour and Fabrice Starzinskas, started as an experimentation to blend Sophie’s hand drawn universe and Fabrice creative tech research.


> Swiss Innovation Week, Beijing (CN) Dome at Swiss Embassy of Beijing | Jul 2018
> Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), Geneva (CH) Ark Dome at Théâtre Pittoef | Nov 2017
> Hubweek Festival, Boston (US) Swissnex Dome Pavillon | Oct 2017



> Animatou Festival, at L’Alhambra and the Spoutnik cinema Geneva | Oct 2020