Apoptose refers to the process by which cells trigger their self destruction in response to a signal.
This is one of the possible pathways of cell death which is necessary for the survival of multicellular organisms.

This collaboration between Sophie Le Meillour and Fabrice Starzinskas, started as an
experimentation to blend Sophie's hand drawn universe and Fabrice's creative tech research.

The first manifestation of this work took the shape a fulldome 360° short movie,
featuring an original soundtrack by Juan Pablo Espinoza & Hervé Moire,
and awarded by Swissnex Boston and Geneva International Film Festival.

Since then, we've been working to deploy this universe on other media, especially virtual reality.

From a hand drawn universe

Apoptose is based on "Moon" and "Nightmares",
two series of drawings and screen printings from Sophie Le Meillour.

To an immersive dimension

Turning this graphic universe into an living ecosystem was made possible by Fabrice's exploration of various techniques and tools, from generative design to game engines tweaks passing by classic frame animation.

Our first step, a Fulldome immersive experience

It merely took a few minutes of a sunny afternoon in Geneva for François Moncarrey, founder of Mysquare and self-taught builder of the ARK Dome, to convince us to take part to the Swissnex and GIFF call for dome projects. Timing was tight, but we jumped in, with the ambition to explore new visual territories & techniques to go beyond the dominant 3D/shader dome aesthetics. We were extremely proud to win this call for project and got the chance to screen our immersive short movie around the world over last year.

Diving deeper with VR

As dome stay hard to build and costly to deploy, we decided to continue the adventure by exploring more agile supports, among which virtual reality, as a way to reach more people while doubling down on immersive narratives. We're truly excited to have recieved such a strong support, especially from the Flux Laboratoy in Geneva where we premiered the VR version of the short movie last September.

Screenings, exhibitions & appearances

- Apoptose 360 dome screenings -

Swiss Innovation Week, Beijing (CN)
Dome at Swiss Embassy of Beijing - July 2018

Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), Geneva (CH)
Ark Dome at Théâtre Pittoef - November 2017

Hubweek Festival, Boston (US)
Swissnex Dome Pavillion - October 2017

- Apoptose VR commissions -

"Apoptose immersive exhibition"
Flux Laboratory - Geneva (CH) - September 2018

An immersive, site specific sensorial scenography designed to immerse spectators into the universe if the project,
via VR headsets and beyond, through Sophie Le Meillour’s drawings and, printing, research archives and projection mapping.

learn more : Flux Laboratory

"Olso Night"
Haus der elektronischen Künste (H3K) - Basel (CH) - September 2018

The cultural festival Oslo Night gathers a significative part the creative scene from Basel's eponym disctric.
The diverse programme offers an insight into the the cultural institutions of this eclectic urban area.

learn more : Oslo Night - H3K

- Talks & panels -

"Exploring Digital utopia" - Hubweek Festival - October 2017 - Boston (US)

Panel discussion about immersive digital format and imaginaries, along with with David G. Rabkin
(US), Paola Gazzani Marinelli (CH), Patrick Pomerleau (CA) and François Moncarey (CH)

learn more : Hubweek festival - Swissnex Boston

"Swiss Digital Talents" - Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) - November 2017 - Geneva (CH)

New Digital Talents is a program designed to highlight the most innovative creators,
companies and artist collectives in contemporary audiovisual digital production.

learn more : Swiss Digital Talents


Sophie Le Meillour
is a media artist based in Geneva composing her own raw material from traditional disciplines to deploy a sensitive storytelling through live compositions and performances.

Fabrice Starzinskas
operates at the crossroads between strategy, innovation and creativity. Aside his artistic projects, he founded Rosettta, a multi-faced initiative advocating for a sustainable approach of creativity.

Juan Pablo Espinoza & Hervé Moire
produce electronic music mostly inspired of nature, exploring textures through recording combinaisons.

Reach us!

Apoptose has come a long way over the last 24 months.
The project can now be commissionned for dome and VR exhibitions upon request.
We're also curious to explore other opportunities of residencies, research & collaborations.
Drop us a line and let's make cool things!